HtmlUnit1.11 Released

Guiceも試したいしHtmlUnitも試したい... upload status:


  • Respect non proxy hosts in redirects from a host using proxy. mguillem
  • JavaScript: resolve relative locations from the originating page for Location's href, replace and assign. mguillem
  • Renamed frame host class to avoid conflict when a frame has 'Frame' as name. mguillem
  • Form should not send push buttons on submit. mguillem
  • Added facility method DomNode.getByXPath(xpathExpr). mguillem
  • JavaScript: Option.setAttribute now works even if option has not yet been added to a select. mguillem
  • Parse as html all responses with content type ending with "xhtml+xml" like XHTML mobile profile documents (application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml). mguillem
  • Improved HtmlPage.getAnchors's javadoc. mguillem
  • Added support for server side map (, int)). mguillem
  • Allow redirections to the same url with a maximal number of 20. mguillem
  • Fixed HtmlHtml.getXmlLangAttribute(). mguillem
  • Upgraded dependencies to Jaxen 1.1, commons-lang 2.2, rhino 1.6R5, commons-io 1.3. mguillem
  • Changing element id should not impact child nodes. Thanks to kkolman . mguillem
  • JavaScript: provide event object as argument when calling onload listeners attached with attachEvent (Internet explorer). mguillem
  • JavaScript: provide the event object to onsubmit handlers. mguillem
  • Set cookies defined in meta tags with http-equiv equals to set-cookie. mguillem
  • Fixed NullPointerException occuring while submitting a from which onsubmit handler returns null. Thanks to Andre Soereng . mguillem
  • JavaScript: fixed bad initialisation of JavaScript context when window content changes (was introduced since last release in fixed for bug 1040244). mguillem
  • JavaScript: ensure that script execution is synchronized on the owning html page (for instance using XMLHttpRequest asynchronously). mguillem
  • JavaScript: made ThreadManager thread safe. Thanks to kkolman . mguillem
  • JavaScript: perform correct setup of context for asynchronous execution of XMLHttpRequest. Thanks to Deryk Sinotte . mguillem
  • JavaScript: don't wrap JavaScript primitive types when returned from a Java method. mguillem
  • Fixed Non-html reply in doesn't create window object by restructing initialization of windows and pages. Added line/column numbering of HTML elements for embedded script names that are easier to debug. dktaylor
  • JavaScript: fixed regression introduced in 1.10 on window.eval for local scope. mguillem
  • JavaScript: provide the event object to onfocus and onblur handlers. mguillem
  • Moved focus related methods from WebClient to HtmlPage and deprecated them on WebClient. mguillem
  • Fixed AREA elements can't handle javascript hrefs by copying code from anchor element. dktaylor
  • Fixed frames[i ] return null for frames generated by document.write by allowing JavaScript Window object to be properly initialized with JavaScriptEngine. dktaylor
  • Fixed document.write problem when < a... > written in 2 times by checking for complete HTML tags before parsing. dktaylor
  • Fixed document.write() does not keep ending spaces by reducing text of adjacent text nodes as a whole instead of separately. dktaylor
  • JavaScript: handle comments in event handlers. Thanks to Andre Soereng . mguillem
  • JavaScript: if window with name 'myOldWin' exists,'', 'myOldWin') should retrieve it rather than opening a new one. mguillem
  • Fixed asText() for style node. Now returns an empty string. mguillem
  • JavaScript: fixed select.selectedIndex = -1 should not be irreversible. mguillem
  • JavaScript: setting option's selected status to false when it is already false shouldn't reset the whole select. mguillem
  • JavaScript: fixed java.util.ConcurrentModificationException occuring when some onload event is removed during execution of an onload event. mguillem
  • JavaScript: second argument DOM node's insertBefore is now optional when simulating Internet Explorer. mguillem
  • Added support for comments: < !-- some comment -- > . Patch from Karel Kolman. Thanks to Karel Kolman . mguillem
  • JavaScript: added XMLHttpRequest.overrideMimeType. mguillem
  • JavaScript: fixed bug preventing to set non String style properties. mguillem
  • JavaScript: allow to add options to a select with an index as second argument when simulating Internet Explorer. mguillem
  • Ignore invalid urls specified in < base href="..."/ > .