New Testing Tools Released


CoView 2.0って全然知らない...

pulse は少し気になるのでチェック。

what can pulse do?

  • Build any project: run arbitrary binaries or use support for ant, make and maven.
  • Capture build artifacts: including HTML reports, view/download artifacts via the web interface.
  • Extract information: using built-in post processors or define your own with regular expressions.
  • SCM integration: trigger builds on change, view changes between builds, browse your repository.
  • Build notifications: via email, Jabber instant messaging and RSS.
  • Flexible scheduling: cron-like time-based schedules, SCM, manual and remote API triggering.
  • Test reporting: process test reports and integrate them as a first-class part of build results.
  • Remote API: monitor, control and extend Pulse via XML-RPC.
  • Multi platform: pulse is written in 100% Java and can run on any platform with a Java 1.5 runtime environment.